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Jo Ann's Furry Friends is where your pets love to get groomed. We spruce them up, clip their locks, trim their nails and give them a whole lotta love while they are in our care.


Our groomers have been professionally trained and each of them loves animals.

Jo Ann trains and oversees every member of our staff. She has extensive pet knowledge, having been in the business since 1999.


Specialty cuts are also available. We use only the finest products that will leave your pet’s coat sparkling fresh and shiny. If you prefer to bring along your own special products, we are happy to use them.


Don’t forget, we groom cats as well.

Our air conditioned facilities are kept clean and disinfected at all times. Your pet’s welfare is our prime concern.

Grooming your pet does not have to be a traumatic experience for you or your beloved pet. W offer daycare so your busy day can go on uninterrupted comfortable in the knowledge that your pet is being well cared for during its spa day.


Call Jo Ann's Furry Friends at (985) 446-0914 today to schedule your pet's next makeover!

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